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Our goal at Vapor Road is to provide the best smokeless cigarette products to our customers while providing excellent customer service. After careful research we have chosen what we believe to be the best products to offer our customers at low prices. We proudly serve the Tampa Bay area from our 14 retail locations in Pasco, Pinellas, Polk and Hillsborough counties.

Choosing a nicotine level

If you are a newbie to vaping you should experiment a bit to find out which nicotine level satisfies your longing the way that cigarettes do. You might even want to use multiple strengths, depending on how you feel and what kind of mood you are in. Here’s a basic guideline to finding a nicotine level that is just tastes and feels just right:

Variable Voltage & Wattage

Vaping novices and aficionados alike often wonder which setting they want to control on their ecig: variable voltage or variable wattage. Although both are used to control the device’s power output, they do so in different ways. While voltage refers to potential energy, wattage refers to how much work a device performs.

Mods Vs. Clones

If you’re not an e-cigarette aficionado with years of experience, and just bought your first electronic cigarette a month ago, you’re still getting used to all the different terminology. What is all the talk about “mods” and “clones,” and how are they different from the cigarette-look-alikes that you can buy at the gas station?

Changing the wick

Taking good care of your clearomizer is mission critical if you want to enjoy the vaping experience, save money and avoid a yucky burnt taste. To understand what’s going on, let’s take a tour of the typical clearomizer. The tube contains a wick, an atomizer, and a stem. Upon activation, the coil heats up and vaporizes the liquid.

Vapor Road currently offers local delivery to South Pinellas County Florida ONLY with a $10 minimum purchase. Orders placed by 11:00 a.m. will be delivered same day. Orders placed after 11:00 a.m. will be delivered the following day.

14 Location Throughout Tampa Bay